Anonymous: what are some good online stores to find vintage clothes?

Etsy is fairly decent however I personally prefer to do vintage shopping in person just in case it doesn’t fit/look right and to avoid disappointment when the package arrives!

Anonymous: hey thank god i found your blog, your posts are just perfect. I have a prom coming up and I really need some advice on what to wear! I really want to stand out (in a good way) but I am stuck for ideas! please help me! thank you xxxxxxx

Hi! Thanks! Proms and such, as I have found, the most difficult thing to shop for! I know exactly where you are coming from. I had my prom (formal as it is called in Australia) last year and I wore a Deyrolle Pour for Opening Ceremony fox print dress which certainly made me stand out from the crowd - not everyone’s cup of tea but nonetheless I loved it and that is what is important. 
It’s difficult for me to suggest exact dresses and such because I don’t know your style but if you’re looking for something uber cool (in my books) I’d reccomend that you head on over to Opening Ceremony ( They have wonderful dresses from fab designers but I will warn you, it at times can be very pricey. Here are a couple of my favourites featured on the online store at the moment;

Opening Ceremony Block Print Long Dress - $230.00

Peter Jensen Long Sleeveless Dress - $575.00

Opening Ceremony Memphis Stripe Dress - $310.00

In my opinion, these three dresses are quite reasonably priced especially for Opening Ceremony but if it will break the bank then I suggest you take a look at Zara, Modcloth, Asos and even Topshop. Better yet, if you know the type of dress you want and you’ve seen a certain fabric you like, go to a dress maker and get a custom made dress.

I hope I helped! Have a wonderful time at prom!